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FOREX & CFD Trades 24-28 Jul 2017

This was one of my worst week. I completed 8 trades and lost all of them losing -3.845% for the week.
What was frustrating was that I was correct on the trade direction for most of the trades but were stopped out before the trades moved in my expected direction. I will be looking at my entry method and stop loss placement to see area for improvement.

GBPJPY (-0.474%)

My market bias of GBPJPY on its H4 chart was bearish after it broke below the bottom of its trading range. I entered a sell limit order after GBPJPY formed a bearish engulfing pattern at its  resistance area near the Fib 61.8% level. I was filled at 145.851 on 27 Jul 2017. GBPJPY rallied after I entered and I was stopped out at 146.555 for a -70.4 pips loss. That was the high for the day before GBPJPY went down! It seemed like my stop loss order was picked out! I lost -0.474%.
EURGBP (-0.495%)

EURGBP was making higher high on its H4 chart after it broke above its previous swing high. I entered a buy limit order near the …

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